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CO's LOG Friday 11 Jan 02

Current situation at 1800: In Devonport harbour. Wind ��� westerly at 10 knots and drizzling. Temp 20 C.
With lots of wind to sail with and lots of smiling faces onboard our day sail was great fun. A large group of local children and young adults joined and were quickly taken up with helping to sail the ship. A few were badly taken with sea sickness, but our YC, well versed in this feeling, made them feel better real soon (we came back to port).

We farwelled our guests then started on the end of voyage activities such as talks and harbour furling the sails (not at the same time). In the evening a hilarious concert was staged, all three watches putting together some ad hoc acts.

Tomorrow will be the end of the Voyage, and this evening I am sure they will reflect on their time before the mast on Young Endeavour ��� and maybe have some more fun too.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis