16° 56' South
146° 4' East
Weather fine
Wind 180T / 15 kts
Yesterday afternoon YOUNG ENDEAVOUR embarked 24 youth crew at Trinity Wharf for the next 10 days adventure. XO Lisa assembled the youth crew on deck for the introduction of staff crew for this
voyage. They are: Navigator Kirstan; Watch Officer Jo; White Watchleader Shez; Red Watchleader Shayne; Blue Watchleader Jay;
Engineer Rags; and Chef Mac.

A fresh breeze blowing the ship on to the wharf made for an interesting departure, but the assistance of a Navy Workboat from
HMAS CAIRNS ensured the ship sailed safely from the wharf. The youth crew quickly commenced 'ice breaker' activities to get to know each other as the ship steamed to anchor in Mission Bay just east of

A slight swell at the anchorage saw the first signs of seasickness with some of the youth crew. An excellent dinner of roast chicken or fish with a medley of vegetables coupled with the swell created some interesting murals on deck as the youth crew
conducted their fist climbs. It was great to see so many people battle through and climb the foremast overnight.

This morning Lisa led the youth crew in an exciting morning activity, a modified rock/paper/scissors game involving lots of noise and laughter. A great breakfast provided all the energy to weigh anchor and proceed shortly after 0830. Now underway the ship's motion is much more comfortable, leading to a smooth passage south.

Happy Hour (cleaning stations) after the Morning Brief has the ship looking spick and span, and the youth crew have just
completed their comprehensive safety brief under the watchful instruction of Captain Safety and her assistant EPIRB Boy. This
afternoon the youth crew will learn line handling and safety procedures for setting sails to ensure they can safely sail and tack the ship for our voyage.

Thought of the Day:
'Each one of us is dealt a hand of cards by life. It's not so much the hand you get dealt but what you do with what
you've got'
- Woodrow Wilson Sayre

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer