38° 21' South
141° 37' East
Wind: North at 15 Kts, Temp:23c, Cloud:2/8.
Voyage 04/05 started at 1600 when, with a full complement of Youth
Crew YOUNG ENDEAVOUR sailed from Portland harbour.It was a short
transit to the anchorage position where we will remain until tomorrow
morning, briefing the Youth Crew on the various elements of safety
they need to be aware of.

Once at anchor, the Youth Crew, by now divided into three watches,
were given a detailed tour of the ship prior to being introduced to
Chef Speedy and the masterpieces he produces in the galley. After
supper Captain John and XO Dion formally welcomed the Youth Crew
onboard and briefed them on what to expect over the next ten
days. Before long all hands were aloft climbing up and over the lower
top. Back on deck Chef Speedy served up a mug of Kye (hot chocalate)
and there were smiles all around.

Overnight the watches will each take it in their turn to head
aloft again, this time to the T'Gallant yardarm. They will also
practise several of the knots, bends and hitches they will be
required to utilise onboard. All hands will rug up to make their
climb as comfortable as possible.

The Staff Crew for the voyage consists of: Captain John, Executive
Officer Dion, Navigator Ian (Hibbo), Watch Officer Phil (Spanky),
White Watch Leader/Boatswain Rachel, Red Watch Leader Georgie, Blue
Watch Leader Shayne, Engineer Mark (Horto) and Chef Shane (Speedy).

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Staff Crew consists of sailors and
officers of the Royal Australian Navy. They are specially chosen to
serve in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR based upon their professional competence and
their ability to work with and relate to young Australians. They are
posted to YOUNG ENDEAVOUR as part of their normal career progression.
The Youth Crew consists of young Australians from NT, ACT, Victoria
and SA aged 16-23. There are 12 females and 12 males who will
participate in the ten-day voyage program.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Watches- The division of the 24-hour day
at sea into periods of duty of 4 hours. The period between 1600- 1800
is further divided into 2 2-hour watches thereby making a total of
seven watches in every 24-hour day.
Sheets- A purchase or single line used for trimming a sail
to the wind. A square sail set on a yard has two sheets, one bent on
to each clew, while a fore-and-aft sail has two sheets bent on to its
single clew.

Thought of the Day: To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture
is to lose one's self. And to venture in the highest sense is
precisely to become conscious of one's self. Soren Kierkegaard.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan