It was 2am on Day 9 (Command Day). We had just anchored in Scawfell Island and I was woken up to go on watch duty.

Lachlan Bennie

I was lucky enough to go aboard and sail on the amazing Young Endeavour Tall Ship. 

Francesca Morris

I had heard copious amounts of good things about the Scheme from multiple sources, so this is what motivated me to attend.

Nicholas Muscat

We sailed from Port Adelaide to Hobart, it was the best experience of my life and I would highly recommend it for anyone to get in and give it a go.

Lana Goodwin

I can guarantee you; you are going to fall in love... whether it be life at sea, the ship or you develop 'sea-goggles' over your time on board.

Alexis Tavener

Its a Friday night in cold Bendigo where whilst cleaning up I found my letter from myself to myself completed in the last days aboard the Young Endevour.

Stacey Cockram

I recently undertook the Sydney to Sydney voyage of 09/18 aboard STS Young Endeavour, and what a voyage it turned out to be!

Jordan Howard

Adventure. Something that a lot of people seek for in their lifetime, but whether they attain it or not is dependent on how willing they are to grab opportunities when they come available.

Tully Dinte

My voyage (03/18) began at HMAS Kuttabul in Sydney on the 29/1/18. I was joined by 25 other youth crew from all over Australia with ages varying from 16 to 22.

Melinda Marion

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jayden Bonat, from a country town of Gundagai NSW. I came onboard the Young Endeavour on the 21 of August 2017 which was Voyage 11/17.

Jayden Bonat