Are you looking for an adventure? An Adventure straight from a book you once read?

Young Endeavour is exactly that! An adventure! It is an experience with many opportunities, to say 'yes' to something that you would otherwise say 'no'. 

The opportunity to meet new people and make new friends (by day 11 you won't want to leave the ship or your new crew/family), to climb a 30m mast, to turn your back on technology for 11 days, to feel the salty air blow through your hair, to step out of your comfort zone and the opportunity to walk away knowing that you have grown as an individual and that you have a new family that will sail the seven seas with you (and be seasick with you).

Don't say 'no' to the Young Endeavour.

You don't have to have experience with sailing or anything related at all. Just bring your sense of adventure and an open mind (and seasick tablets) and you are good to go!

Throughout the whole voyage, there was never a time when I felt left out or unsafe. Very quickly we were all friends (hard not to be when you're all vomiting over the side), supporting each other, making each other laugh whilst on watch at 2 am and encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zones whether it be facing a fear of heights or stepping up to leadership positions. 

Young Endeavour is a once in a lifetime experience not easily put into words, but as all who have sailed her know, you may leave Young Endeavour, but the Young Endeavour never leaves you. 

Alexa Laves