I was initially wary about putting myself out there among other fresh-faced strangers on the deep blue sea, but I took the chance and can't believe I ever hesitated.

The ship and crew were incredibly welcoming and always strived to push us both emotionally and physically. From touching the top of the main mast in the middle of the night, to dutifully making up lines on the bow with waves splashing onto the deck, and furling the main sail with only four other youthies, the Young Endeavour voyage showed me that I can still grow as a human being, and have not yet finished my learnings.

The cramped living spaces, communal living, and sea sickness may be short-lived memories, but the sense of adventure and accomplishment will last a lifetime. Even though I was on the older side of the youthies, getting to know everyone and sailing on this voyage with them all just shows that common experience is a great bonding technique! Don't let this opportunity sail by without jumping aboard!

Rachel Slatter