Have you ever had a moment where you just know that what is happening to you right now is something that you will be telling your grandchildren about when you’re old and grey?

Harrigan Ryan

Are you looking for an adventure? An Adventure straight from a book you once read?

Alexa Laves

If you’ve ever wanted to try something that challenges you, boosts your confidence, improves your skills as a leader, allows you to meet like-minded people from varying backgrounds who later

Jithmal Ranasinghe

Sailing for the first time, with people you have never met, in a technology-free environment for a week and a half seems like a fairly daunting task.

Emily Crowley

In November 2019 I was privileged with a position on voyage 14/19. After 18 hours of travel from my home town to Newcastle. I was able join 23 other voyagers at the Young Endeavour.

Lachie Cooper

Young Endeavour is not an experience that is easily put into words. Only those who have sailed on her can truly understand.

Elysha McCauley

So my story started when I decided to take a second gap year from uni, I just wasn't ready to go back to uni just yet.  Then, as if it was meant to be, an ad on facebook popped up and

Jessica Robinson

I should have known that boat was more than just a boat, I could see the Young Endeavour whenever she was docked in Woolloomooloo, I kept my mind open when I signed up for the voyage, I had no idea

Lexie Condon

Before I went on YE I was an anxious mess. I was scared to meet new people and try things I had never tried before.

Steele McCreevy

As soon as I stepped on board Young Endeavour in Sydney, I knew the next 11 days were going to be the best days of my life. They definitely were. 

Charlee Masters