Hi Everyone,
Ahoy Shipmates...I'm back! Congrats to Captain Michael and his team on a successful Command Day.
Captain Kenny is still goofing off (working on his tan) and learning his lines for tonights SOD'S Opera (Ships Operatic Department)...over to Captain Mike------GURDY GURDY GURDY!
Note: Captain Kenny is on holidays...over to the Youth Crew!------
Ahoy Shipmates...A misty morning greeted YE this morning in the very picturesque Jerusalem Bay...so good we're back for seconds!
Ahoy Shipmates. Firstly it's Farewell not Farwell...please excuse last night's typo in Captain's Log...I'm blaming a rogue wave! What a night we had, plenty of wind, plenty of rain, and lots of fun!
Ahoy Shipmates. Day 5 and you guessed it, overcast again (although we did see some patches of blue sky).
Ahoy Shipmates. Day 4 - daybreak found us just to the east of Port Stephens in once again light airs and overcast conditions.
Ahoy Shipmates...Day 3, a day spent under sail, including square sails!
Ahoy Shipmates...Day 2, a traditionally busy day! Last night all but one of our intrepid young adventurers made it to the top of the foremast and out onto the Top Gallant yard...a great effort!