The winds did abate overnight as expected, however the large seas still provided quite a bumpy ride. The ship tacked at midnight and again at 0800 this morning.
If 'Adventure at Sea' was what the YC were after, well they certainly got it in the last 24 hrs. Leaving the lights of Coffs Harbour astern, the northerly wind steadily increased during the evening.
Three way talks were a lot of fun last night and the crew all enjoyed a good nights sleep as we rode gently at anchor in Coffs Harbour.
Engines were shut down early yesterday evening and again the predominantly westerly breeze enabled us to make good speed southwards during the night under full sail.
Made good ground to the south overnight with all plain sail set. The YC have been kept busy on watch learning how to steer and trim sails amongst other tasks.
Yesterday evening we anchored off Redcliff, Moreton Bay at 1930. The boat was lowered and sent ashore to pick up our 24th crew member.
Hi readers, it's Andrew Rourke here back at the helm as Captain. I spent the last voyage on deck as a watch leader and I had an absolute ball. Go the mighty whities!
Overnight the crew did a great job with harbour furls and the yards look very shipshape. End of voyage talks were also held and the concert was really a hoot, as I suspected.
Overnight the Youth Crew rested their weary bodies and refreshed themselves while the ship rode at anchor at Redcliffe in Moreton Bay.
Overnight the Youth Crew, having entrenched themselves firmly in command of Young Endeavour, left Mooloolaba well behind and reached the first objective during the 'guts' watch and proved the existenc