20° 9' South
148° 54'
Captain's Log for 27 Apr 01

Situation at 1800: At anchor in Nara Inlet - on the W side of Hook Is in the Whitsundays. Winds light and variable. Clear skies. Temp 25C.
The winds were again kind to us overnight so we sailed up the E coast of Hook Is across into the Cumberland Channel and down the main Whitsunday Passage to arise to a wonderful Whitsunday morning. Each of the youth crew watches conducted a team building activity overnight and in doing so have proven their abilities to us yet again. Looks like we've got the A-team onboard this trip.

After some great sailing and a wonderful photo opportunity in the Channel, we handed sail to head into Nara Inlet where we now lay at anchor. Nara is a beautiful deep water anchorage tucked about half a mile into Hook Is. In the area is a waterfall which sometimes flows after rain, so this afternoon we went ashore in search of water. The falls were running nicely and some of the crew visited the rock paintings which are in the area.

We have decided to spend the night here in the anchorage, sheltered by the 500m peaks which tower around us, so as to make the most of a chance for some good quality rest. Tomorrow we will head N, leaving the Whitsunday group behind and looking ahead to the adventures that await.

Farewell from a quiet anchorage

Matthew Rowe

Youth Crew Entries for 27 Apr 01

Ben Herington, Lismore, age 16
Well, here I am as promised, we are currently anchored in beautiful Nara inlet. Went ashore today for a short walk on the island surrounding the inlet which was great and we swam at the top of the waterfall. Then back to the boat for some most entertaining rope swinging into the water. Everyone is well and having a great time and looking forward to the adventures in the second half of our voyage, although not looking forward to leaving the Whitsundays behind.

See everyone later, have fun at work and school and look forward to seeing you all late next week.

Charlene Tack, Brisbane/Ingham
Life here, sailing through the Whitsundays is going cruisy, with mostly great weather, and great company.... I have inherited your sea-faring stomach, Dad, as I was only a little woozy for the first day, and had no trouble holding my food down. We ALL climbed the mast and out on the yards on the first night, and our lucky watch got the windy, drizzly weather to do it in. It was a bit dodgy, but the more I do it the better it gets. Doing it during the day is definitely better - the view is spectacular. Sleeping is a bit of a drama - 12 girls in 1 room, with a change of watch every 4 hours during the night, but we are all becoming heavier sleepers. We've been swimming heaps, and loving it, and today we went for a walk on the island we are anchored beside. Most of the youth crew are great company, and the funky white watch (mine) is legendary..... Special mention to spiffy Ricky, the watch leader, who never fails to crack us up.

I hope everything is going great in Ingas, and in Bris. Mom, pass this address to Matt and Else - hi to you both of you and hope you are having a champion time where ever in the world you 2 are. See most of you all in 6ish sleeps.