33° 26' South
137° 34'
Course 140 Speed 6 knots. Wind south 25 knots, skies clear, temp 21 degrees.
Situation at 1800:

Over the last 24 hours the Youth Crew have rapidly settled into becoming a proficient tall ship crew. We weighed anchor at 0815 and,
after intense instruction today, they have climbed to the topgallant yard 30 meters above the deck, set and furled nearly all of our sails
and proficiently tacked the ship several times.

Now, satisfied that we have a competent crew, we have set sea watches for the night and are heading south close hauled against a fresh southerly into the more open waters of Spencer Gulf, where we hope to find a spot where we can anchor for a couple of hours tomorrow afternoon.

Until then,

Cap'n Bob.