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Weather - overcast, Wind - NE 10-15 knots, Swell - Nil, Temp - 19 deg. C

Hello friends and families,

After an interrupted night’s sleep with a number of tacks occurring through the night we arrived at the required waypoint 15 minutes ahead of the required arrival time. After arriving at the waypoint Staff coached Ashleigh through the pilotage to Tangalooma where we dropped anchor at 0900.

The crew were woken and sent to breakfast at 0700. This was followed by a morning brief commencing at 0830. This brief began with our navigator Meg drawing a map of our overnight course, including our short detour to India. This was followed by Salty’s cousin. At this point we returned control of the ship to the staff.


Youth Captain Rex


Ahoy there Shipmates,

As Youth Captain Rex detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty.

This morning we anchored the Ship at Tangalooma, on the western side of Moreton Island. I took control of the Ship back from Capt Rex, we then did the Command Day debriefs to make sure we captured all the lessons people had learnt from the experience.

We then allowed the crew to go ashore for a relaxing few hours in the sun on Tangalooma\\'s beautiful beaches. On return we gave the youthies one last opportunity to use the rope swing and then shifted anchorage to Mud Island at the mouth of the Brisbane River, in preparation for tomorrow’s Half Day Sail, when the youth crew will host our guests from Canteen onboard for three hours and show them how much fun it is to sail Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Mike


PS. Happy Birthday to Allana\\'s Mum from Allana