27° 26' South
153° 6' East

Alongside at Rivergate - Wind: southerly at 10 knots, Weather partly cloudy, Temp 19 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,

Sail Master Matt woke the crew at 0630 with another Retro song to get us up on deck for one final Early Morning Activity, followed by Squizy\\'s last breakfast. 

After the final Morning Brief and Happy Hour for the Voyage, Young Endeavour departed Rivergate Marina at 0900 and the Youth Crew laid aloft in the old Naval tradition of ‘Manning the Yards’ for the formal arrival. After firing the ceremonial cannons we berthed back at Rivergate at 1000 in front of family and friends. Following a brief ceremony we said our final farewells to the Youth Crew of Voyage 07/13. It has been a magnificent journey and one not to be forgotten. It was great to meet the families of the youth crew who were able to meet the Ship and hear how they enjoyed following the voyage through my Log.

The ship will remain in Newcastle until Sun 12 May when it will embark a new Youth Crew for Voyage 07-13, Brisbane to Gladstone.

Yours Aye

Captain Mike