35° 8' South
136° 28'
At anchor off Wedge Island. Wind south 20 knots, skies clear, temp 20 degrees.
Situation at 1800:

After completing our two training tacks yesterday afternoon we continued out to sea in a light southerly breeze, conducting a midnight tack with all hands so as to be off Wedge Island this
afternoon. All have settled into the sea routine well, and the tack in the dark went off without a hitch.

This morning after the ubiquitous happy hour (cleaning stations) Youth Crew were given a lecture on the theory of sailing a square
rigged ship followed by more tacking. This time each Youth Crew was able to witness a tack from the bridge thus gaining the whole ship view of how tacks work and consolidating the mornings theory.

This afternoon we came to anchor off Wedge Island and everyone had a chance to go ashore for a leg stretch and the watches reviewed their progress on the voyage to date. Now back onboard we are
enjoying a deck BBQ/pyjama party before we get underway this evening and start making tracks up Spencer Gulf towards our final destination, Port Pirie.

See you tomorrow,

Cap'n Bob.