Voyage name: 
V12/18 Brisbane to Mackay
07 Jul - 17 Jul 2018
20 51 south
149 35 east

Course:  At anchor Speed:  0

Wind:  Light and variable    Swell:  SE at 0.3 metres   Weather:   Fine

Ahoy shipmates,

We come to you tonight from our anchorage in Refuge Bay on the northern side of Scawfell Island…quite a magnificent location. Well the Youth Crew (and staffies) have made it through Command Day unscathed. You will be pleased to hear they performed exceptionally well, if somewhat hampered due to a lack of wind. Nevertheless, they safely guided Young Endeavour to the designated location, completing a variety of tasks/challenges along the way, and learning valuable lessons that we hope will guide them once they depart the ship.

We have another big day tomorrow, conducting a half day sail for a community group from Mackay. These are without fail very meaningful experiences for the Youth Crew as they engage with other Young Australians perhaps less fortunate than themselves, and are frequently described of one of the highlights of a voyage. As seems the norm for this voyage perfect weather is forecast…we have certainly lucked out this trip. Tomorrow night is the last of the voyage, invariably an emotional time for the Youth Crew.

That’s it for now, I’ll hand you over to the Youth Crew Captain and Sailmaster for their thoughts.

Be kind to each other,

Captain Kenny


Greetings from the Young Endeavour!

It’s us again, Ayden and Raife, here to fill you in as to what has happened over the past 24 hours.  What a huge day it was. This morning we arrived at Scawfell Island at 0730. We arrived earlier than expected as we had to request the use of engines from Captain Kenny due to the lack of wind. For breakfast we were treated as kings and queens as we were fed, Banana, White chocolate pancakes and French GLUTEN FREE toast, with our picks of toppings. After everyone was filled with delicious goodness, the crew were briefed for the day, with some “special guests”, important information and an address from the youth Command Crew. At the completion of the brief we set sails and prepared to TACK and WEAR the ship (Captain Kenny’s favourites) in order to complete one of the many challenges set for the youth crew. The Command team stood aside for a little bit to let the Staffies take the ship to anchor. Once we were anchored we sent a team of our 6 bravest souls to conduct a beach raid at Scawfell Island with a “Mascot” of their creation, raise the Australian Flag and sing the National Anthem. At the same time the rest of the crew started to create a wonderful mural at midships. At the completion of the mural the crew created a rope “hammock” to hold the entire youth crew on it. Once the beach assault team made it back to the ship, with Mascot in hand, they jumped onto the Hammock with the rest of the crew for a group photo. At 1330, it was time to the hand the ship back to Captain Kenny and the Staffies. We then went ashore for a swim, returning for a ‘teak deck’ cheese platter followed by dinner with Zac’s delicious homemade bread rolls and burgers. We then ended the night with a debrief of Command Day, where everyone celebrated a mostly successful  trip. I would like to personally thank ALL Youth Crew for sticking by the command team and being the best youth crew on board.