38° 25' South
178° 36'
Course 320, Speed 8kts, Wind 060/18kts, Temp 21, blue skies
Early afternoon yesterday had the ship sailing across Hawke Bay in light NE winds. Preparations were being made for a swim when the afternoon sea breeze came in at 20kts from the East. Had an excellent fast sail (10kts) across the bay and then tacked early in the evening back out to sea. Shortly afterwards we found ourselves becalmed as the wind departed as quickly as it had arrived. Engines were turned on and a very light NE breeze came in and the ship motorsailed overnight.

Early this morning the ship was greeted by a pod of four whales who showed as much curiosity in the ship as those on watch had of them. So curious in fact that the watch officer had to stop the engines when one breeched right in front of the ship. No harm done.

Winds continued to increase during the morning and now sailing under fore and aft sails towards our intended anchorage in Tolaga Bay. Cook visited this place during his first visit to NZ and spent 6 days here watering and provisioning having traded with some friendly Maoris. Today it is part of a sheep grazing and is a seaside holiday area. I'm expecting something like Pearl Bay of 'Seachange' fame. The youth crew will be given the chance to get ashore and explore the local town. We will have a BBQ as well this evening.