27° 29' South
153° 39' East
Wind SSE 20knots, swell low SE'LY, sea state 3/4, clear and warm.
Ahoy Ye Lubberly Lot!

As luck would have it, the best laid plans of mice and men come undone due to the weather....

Overnight we had two tacks, the last just before 2230. By 2330 the wind had backed into the SSW and increased to 25 knots (a bit more than the forecast) which allowed us to shorten sail slightly and make good our planned track to the Gold Coast. By sunrise we were sailing large making seven knots across the border into Godsown country. As the morning went on the Youth Crew carried out thier normal morning routines and then exercised \rotational tacks\", where the watches exchange tacking stations to see what each other does.

As we approached our anchorage off the Gold Coast Seaway entrance, the wind which had reduced to a pleasant 10-15 knots went into the SE and increased to 20-25 knots. This made the open roadstead anchorage very uncomfortable and too dangerous to launch the boats. Accordingly we remained there for a couple of hours while the team completed mid-voyage talks and then the anchor was weighed and we continued our passage north.

Tomorrow about lunchtime we will anchor in the approaches to Mooloolaba where we will complete final preparations for Command Day on Monday/Tuesday.

The team are in high spirits and are looking forward to their next set of challenges...

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye

Captain Chris"