41° 14' South
48° 20' East
Wind - Northerly at 15 knots, sky overcast, cool.
Ahoy Shipmates,

We are now sailing \full and by\" the wind, having just departed our overnight anchorage under sail.

Last night we had sport and an awesome BBQ ashore, followed by three way talks onboard, and a night at anchor to rest and relax. Unfortunately the swell made things in the anchorage a little uncomfortable, as the ship rolled all night long.

This morning we had \"happy hour\", rope races and the \"shapes\" exercise. Watches then had the opportunity to get together for a chat and to go through some of the preparations needed for Command Day.

Overnight we will transit Banks Strait between the Flinders Is Group and the NE coast of Tasmania, before going to anchor in Ringarooma Bay about midday tomorrow. Tomorrow night will be Command Day elections, and then who knows what next...."