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CO's Log Friday 08 Jun 01

Current situation at 1800: Alongside in Alyungula, Groote Eylandt. Temp 28C.
We sailed into port at 0900 this morning and we greeted by a large crowd for the ship's first visit to Groote. We are obviously a rare sight as we had about 500 people visit the ship this afternoon. (Groote's population is about 1200). Meanwhile the YC headed ashore to visit town and we all ended up at the local pool to cool down followed by some warming up playing touch. Some of the YC said they felt landsick - you can't win.

We returned to a great deck BBQ and Woody caught a parrot fish big enough to feed the crew. We held three way talks this evening and they were a great laugh. The mad keen fishermen returned to their toil later and were desperate to out do the \fishin' magician\". Tomorrow we plan to get up at 0600 to go for another swim. Apparently there is a large croc that sleeps on the beach in the mornings so we will take the road to the swimming pool. The weekend will see us sail north to Gove and we will arrive there on Monday.

Youth Crew entry by Keith Heggart, 21, from Sydney.
It's been a busy voyage so far, with lots of highlights and excitement. Standing on a thin piece of line thirty metres above the heaving ocean attempting to tie up a sail in gusts of up to 25 knots is definitely not an experience for the faint of heart. We came ashore for the first time since Weipa today, no longer landlubbers, but feeling quite the salty old sea dogs as we wandered around Groote Eylandt. Life certainly moves at a different pace up here - it must be the heat.

Anyway, the trip so far has been an extraordinary adventure, and I feel privileged to have been allowed to participate in it. We are all learning a little bit about our fears, but our strengths are becoming apparent as well, as the youth crew knit together into good friends and a fine team.

Last but not least, Hi to Mum and Dad and Marc (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM) and also to Lizzie. Take care, babe.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis"