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CO's Log Tuesday 4 Sep 2001

Current situation at 1800: Youth Crew Command Day. At sea in the Gulf of St Vincent. Wind - none. Temp 13C.
After all the wind we've had during the Voyage, we got very little of it today. Last night the YC prepared themselves for the offing and early this morning I handed Command of the ship to Tim and YC of Voyage 14/01. They sailed the ship from the anchorage after raising the anchor and had a good start with several tacks and wears.

They breezed through the first two objectives: sailing between some shoals and reaching a headland upwind. After lunch the wind gave up but the YC didn't. They remained focussed and hopeful the wind might return and set lots of sail to catch the light puffs that pushed the ship slowly toward Adelaide.

Tomorrow I have every expectation that we will be safely anchored off Port Adelaide to land the Beach Assault Team. Later that day we will take some guests out on a half-day sail and this is the YC's opportunity to show them how to sail.

Youth Crew entry by Simone Grimmond 18, Hobart.
What a long day. Today the command of the Ship was taken over by the youth crew. To begin with it was all pretty exciting when we knew we were in control, however, with only a slight breeze which struggled to produce ripples in the water, the ship struggled to move. With no engines going my assigned duty of the day was to keep the engines running of my fellow youth crew. That's right, chef for the day. The ANZAC biscuits worked a treat, until they were all gone.

The greatest achievement of the day was having a shower in an upright vertical position and the most spectacular sight was the dolphins, sunset and the full moon glittering in the calm ocean sea. With many treasured memories of the fantastic sights and wonderful personalities aboard the ship, I can't wait to share my memories with family and friends back on dry land. SeeYa.

Youth Crew entry by Tim Martin 23, Perth.
A long day? An incredibly long challenging day. We took command of the ship this morning and were set the task of taking the ship from anchorage off Kangaroo Island to anchorage off Port Adelaide, a full day and night of sailing with some tasks set to complete along the way. So with full sails and little, constantly shifting, wind we've been underway for over 12 hrs and unfortunately have had to power the engines to make sure we get to anchor 6.30 Wednesday morning. But, we have the ship heading in the right direction, enjoyed fair weather sailing and eaten like royalty, Command Day will be a success.

It's coming to the end of an incredible time at sea, the youth crew and the navy crew have been fantastic, I think everyone has achieved all they set out to and overcome more than they imagined. I look forward to talking everyone's ears off on Sunday. Seeya.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis