17° 50' South
146° 23' East

Wind ESE 21kts Swell SE <1m Temp 22 Degrees

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.

William Arthur Ward

Ahoy there everyone,

It was a very busy start to the day this morning with the weather drizzling so the early morning activity was cancelled for the Youth Crew.  The Staff crew however kicked into the Turtle rescue Phase 2 where Blake (Named after the first Captain of Young Endeavour) was escorted ashore to South Mission Beach by Mick and Rick. While the turtle rescue was underway The rest of the Staff Crew turned to and commenced the repairs on the jib.

Morning brief kicked off at 0800 with the ceremony of colours and then Damien kicked into a not so brief plan for the day. As I saw the rain clouds rolling down off the hills and the brief dragging on I knew it would be close between us finishing the morning brief and the sky opening up and unleashing a torrent of water. We managed to fit the last few words in as the rain started to fall so the Crew dashed bellow to commence Happy Hour.

This morning Dave, who is trying out for a job onboard, conducted a team work exercise at midships to test out the watches in their ability to work out a solution to that question that always hangs in the back of ones mind, how would \\'I get my team through a giant spider web?\\'. Following that activity the Watch Leaders took their watches for a mid voyage chat to see how they are progressing on the voyage.

After lunch I conducted a communications exercise, to highlight the need for good communications as we get ever closer to command day. With laughs all round the exercise was completed and we all made preparations to get back out to sea. The weather has calmed down considerably so everyone was a little bit more keen to get out there then they were last time.

Once out at sea and under a full press of sails we conducted tacking drills so that everyone knew each other roles at tacking stations and so everyone could have a look at the big picture from the bridge. Once the ship was settled down for the night we closed up the on watch personnel and everybody else went below decks for a feed and a sleep prior to watch tonight. I plan to remain at sea tonight and allow everyone to consolidate there sailing, navigation and setting and furling drills.

Two shout outs tonight, the first one is to Brodie’s Brother, Happy Birthday mate and the second one is to Tamara’s parents who she suspects will be reading with interest.

Until tomorrow night farewell and adieu


Men go back to mountains as they go back to sailing ships at sea, because in the mountains and on the sea they must face up.

Henry David Thoreau