33° 50' South
151° 16' East
At anchor in Hunters Bay. Wind: Nor' East at 25 kts, Temp: 25c, Cloud 4/8.

Situation at 21:00

Overnight the Youth Crew took advantage of the wind backing around to the Nor' East and set the squares and made ground towards
Sydney. There were several different changes of sail as they experimented to find the right combination.

At 08:00 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR anchored in Hunters Bay. This left only an hour for the Youth Crew to land their Beach Assault Team
(BAT) and claim Balmoral Beach in the name of the youth of Australia. The BAT managed to convince 27 local residents to join them in singing the national anthem, which was broadcast back to the remainder of the Ship's Company onboard. When the final tally was calculated, the Youth Crew had earned points for passing through four waypoints, as well as their haul from the efforts of the BAT.

After command of the Ship was passed back to Captain John, the Youth Crew layed aloft to harbour furl the square sails. This is
done so that the sails are protected from the elements while the Ship is alongside over the weekend. After this was completed and all hands had eaten lunch, the command day debrief started. The Staff Crew act
as facilitators for what is an open and frank analysis of how command day unfolded. The aim of the debrief is for individual Youth Crew members to closely examine their experience during command day and determine if there is anything they have learned that can be applied in the future lives, such as teamwork, tolerance and a sense of
cooperation. The Youth Crew are divided into three groups for the debrief, and in each group there were some common themes identified. The importance of effective two-way communications, the need for all team members to make a valid contribution and not loosing sight of what the group is trying to achieve were three attributes that were
identified as vital for a group to succeed.

The Ship's concert has just finished, and as usual there was an impressive display of talent and humour. Despite being at anchor
the Youth Crew will remain in sea watches overnight. This will provide them with a chance to say an extended farewell to each other, and exchange contact details, as well as writing in each others copy of 'The Life and Times of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR'.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Over 6,000 young Australians have participated in an adventure in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR since her first
voyage in 1988. Since then the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Youth Scheme has gained a reputation as one of the country's most renowned youth development programs. Each year, in addition to the sail training
voyages, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR conducts a series of half-day sails for young peiople with disabilities, or those who are disadvantaged and is open to the public at various ports around Australia.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Earing- A metal ring at each top corner of a square sail for hauling taut and securing the sail to the
end of its yard. Also, the lashing for that purpose. Worming- To lay light tarred line along the grooves between the strands of wire to fill in the hollows before parcelling and serving the wire.

Thought of the day: COURAGE gives me the strength to put worthwhile ideas into action. COMPETENCE is the ability to perform
honestly the job for which I am suited. CULTURE displays the belief that an appreciation of life's goodness is a source of joy forever. COURTESY is the outward expression for the inner respect for the
individual. CHARACTER is the spiritual force within me that demands and gets my best choices and my best efforts. Mike Stratton.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan