17° 56' South
146° 8' East
Situation at 20:00-

The focus on watch last night was navigation. The Youth Crew were able to practise the lessons they previously received in order to be ready to safely navigate the Ship during command day.

Morning brief today was another fun-filled event. Navigator Spanky described our progress over the previous 24 hours and XO Luke outlined the plan of the day. Salty Sea Dog Lisa had a very historical expression to describe today. \To turn a blind eye\" was
the phrase she choose, and the animated way she described its nautical origins was both historically and anatomically correct.
Engineer Rags was able to produce only a small haul for his scran bag. No worry... what his song lacked in quantity was made up in quality. At 10:00 the Ship anchored off Dunk Island and the Youth Crew were ferried ashore. Once on the beach, the first order of
business was mid-voyage talks. This allows the Staff Crew to learn how the Youth Crew feel the voyage is progressing. It also is an
opportunity for our cliental to provide suggestions on how to ensure the youth development program remains revelant. I am happy to report that all hands are having a ball and learning some valuable lessons.

Lunch today comprised a picnic ashore compliments of Chef Stony. We were the envy of the backpacker set at the beach as we
enjoyed another terrific meal. After lunch, Captain John gave the command day brief. He delivered the command day mission and outlined the details of the challenge the Youth Crew will soon undertake.
The Youth Crew then held their elections to determine who will fill the various positions they have settled upon for their command structure.Congratulations to Captain Lawrence and his team. The command team was formally announced to the Staff Crew once all hands were back onboard.

The Youth Crew are busy questioning the Staff Crew about their respective roles and what they will need to concentrate on during command day. Overnight they will be in anchor watches and this will allow them to have time to work out their plan.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Since 1988 over 6,000 young Australians have taken part in a voyage in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR. During this time the voyage program has continued to evolve. Command day, the opportunity for the Youth Crew to take charge of the Ship for 24
hours, still remains one of the peak experiences of the youth development program and ia an amazing example of what teamwork and cooperation can achieve.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Freeing Ports- Openings at the bottom of the Bulwarks that allow water on deck to quickly flow
overboard. Furling Line- A line rove around a furling drum that allows stay sails to be quickly and efficiently furled.

Thought of the Day: Even after the heaviest storms the birds come out singing, so why can't we delight in whatever good things
remain to us? Rose Kennedy.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Hello everyone
Just wanted to say hello to you all and say that I am having a great time here on the Young Endeavour! Have been having great weather and today stopped off at Dunk Island, which was great. Hope you are all
well and Mum and Dad if you get this hope you are having a great time in Europe and say hello to everyone over there for me! PS I am a chef on our Command Day - can you believe that???!!!

Lots of love Tanya xoxo

Hi Everyone it's Bec and Steph here!
Hope our families are safe and well!
We are having a fantastic time. It is nice and warm and the sun is shining everyday. We spent most of today at Dunk Island. It was really nice, plenty of time for happy snaps! Cant wait to see everyone again soon. Take care and love you heaps,
Bec (North Richmond,NSW) and Steph (Oaks, Tas) XXX000XXX

Hi its Jahna from Chinchilla, QLD here.
First of all I would like to say a big hello to mum, dad, bin, stavros, Adam, Dani, Nat and the Family. Hope that all is well at
home and I cant wait to see you all at the end of the week. I am having an amazing time on the young endeavour. I have met heaps
of fantastic people from all over Australia and I am amazed at how well in just seven days we have pulled together and are working as one team. This would not have been possible without the terrific guidance given by the staff crew on board. I am sure that it will all come together when we take command of the ship tomorrow for 24 hours.
It will be a big challenge for all.
Again, hope all is well.Lots of Love