33° 50' South
151° 21' East
Situation at 23:00- At sea under four sails. Wind: Nor' East at 25 kts, Temp: 24c, Cloud: 3/8.

All hands enjoyed a quiet night at anchor last night, in preparation for the hectic schedule of Australia Day. Wakey Wakey was
piped at 05:45 and by 06:30 the anchor was being weighed and the Bilge Iguana was being beaten back into his lair.

After a quick stop at Garden Island to take on fresh stores, the Ship berthed at Campbell's Cove in Circular Quay. Our guests for the first half of the day's events arrived onboard and shortly after 11:00 we got underway and took up our position in the Australia Day Parade. The harbour was alive with vessels of all sizes and description. The Youth Crew were busy escorting the guests on tours of the Ship and serving refreshments. After the Parade, we took
our guests on a tour of the Harbour. This provided the opportunity for them to mingle with the Youth Crew and learn about their
experiences onboard. The next event was the Tallship race. This proved to be a keenly fought battle which had a photo finish, but
the ruling of the Judges was that YOUNG ENDEAVOUR won by the length of the bowsprit. This capped off what was a great day on the harbour. After the race the Ship returned to Campbell's Cove and we said farewell to our guests.

There was only enough time to replenish our stores before the next group of guests arrived. With 60 new guests onboard, we
sailed once again and headed West of the Harbour Bridge for the 'Jazz on the Water' festival. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR paraded past the crowd assembled on the shore and the hundreds of vessels at anchor enjoying
the music. The next event was another tour of the Harbour. The Youth Crew were able to show off their skill at setting and furling sail as well as tacking. The setting sun enhanced the natural beauty of Sydney Harbour and provided the perfect backdrop to the tour. Back at Campbell Cove we said goodbye to our guests and took a short pause
before getting underway and clearing Sydney Heads.

The Ship's 15th anniversary and Australia Day were two very demanding and tiring days. The entire Ship's Company performed
exceptionally well and provided our guests with an occassion they will long remember. Throughout both days, the professionalism of the Staff Crew and the enthusiasm of the Youth Crew was commented upon repeatedly. Another group who made a very major contribution to the weekend's success was the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme office staff. They carefully planned and choreographed the myriad of details that
made up both days as well as working onboard during the events. All three groups worked hard to contribute to the success of the events and showed the amazing degree of talent that makes up the YOUNG ENDEAVOUR family.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: On Australia Day 1988, in front of an estimated two million people and three thousand vessels, YOUNG
ENDEAVOUR led the tallships of the First Fleet Re-enactment on their parade through Sydney Harbour. This was the Ship's first official duty under the Australian White Ensign.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Reeve-To reeve a line is to pass it through a block or an eye or around something, for example, in order
to set up a tackle or a halyard. Bend- To bend on something is to tie or fasten it. To bend on a sheet is to fasten the sheet to a sail, to bend on a sail is to fasten it to a spar mast or stay.

Thought of the Day: The bravest man is the won who weighs up all the risks and when they have become greater than the object is
worth, has the courage to turn back and to face the other risk of being called a coward.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan