Voyage name: 
22 May - 01 June
Currently at anchor at Great Keppel Island and experiencing light south easterly winds.

Ahoy Shipmates,
Sunrise this morning found YOUNG ENDEAVOUR 10nm to the south east of the Keppel Islands still under plain sail and enjoying the moderate south easterly trade winds. After the normal morning activity of cleaning stations it was straight into rotational tacks, this evolution gives the YC the opportunity to experience and gain an appreciation for each others position and gives them a better understanding of ship management in preparation for the rapidly approaching Command Day. On completion of this exercise all squares were clewed up and YE shaped course for Great Keppel Island. Given this was day 5 and the YC had already proven that they were quit competent at handing in sail I decided that given the conditions we would sail to anchor. At 1201 YE sailed perfectly to her planned anchorage position at Leekes Beach (Great Keppel Island) with the YC working exceptionally well together to make this rather difficult evolution a success. Once at anchor all YC and Watch Leaders were ferried ashore so that they could conduct mid-voyage talks. This was followed by either walks along the beach, a refreshing swim or a game of beach touch footy. By 1600 everyone was back on board, so given that it was still early the rope swing was rigged from the course yard and everyone enjoyed either diving of the bow sprit into the crystal clear water or utilising the swing for some water acrobatics. On completion of dinner it was straight into a round of "twilight" rope races followed by the legendary tall ship movie "Around Cape Horn".

As we will remain at anchor overnight the YC have now settled in to their anchor watches for the night and most are now enjoying a much needed good night's sleep.

Tomorrow morning will see us depart Great Keppel Island and continue our journey north.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav