41° 3' South
145° 55' East
Alongside Burnie No7 Berth . Wind: Nor'East at 15 kts, Temp:20c, Cloud: 8/8.
Situation at 20:00 -

The voyage started at 16:00 when 24 smiling young Australians arrived onboard and said farewell to their family and friends.
Once Captain John had introduced the Staff Crew the three watches assembled and started the voyage program off with 'Icebreakers',
designed to make meeting new people not quite as daunting as it can be. Before long each watch was touring different parts of the Ship and learning what goes where. Captain John proved that it is possible
to fit ten people in the phone booth that is his cabin, and have room for a few more.

Chef Polly has returned after a stint ashore and quickly proved that he has lost none of his culinary ability over the past two months. Supper was magnificant and will be hard to beat. Once all hands had finished supper and the Cafe was squared away, Captain
John delivered his welcome aboard talk to the Youth Crew. This was followed by XO Lauren briefing them on the do's and don'ts of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and then the all-important lecture on climbing aloft.

The Youth Crew have just fininshed their first climb aloft, and all hands successfully climbed up and over the lower top. Chef Polly has provided a hot mug of Kye and the Youth Crew are getting to
know one another as they compare their first experience aloft. The first watch will soon close up and find themselves back aloft, this
time to the T'Gallant yard arm. Over night each watch will complete their second climb as well as receive instruction on some of the
important knots, bends and hitches used onboard. The voyage is off to a good start.

The Staff Crew for the voyage consists of Captain John, Executive Officer Lau ren (Lolli), Navigator Luke (Lukish), Watch
Officer Paul (Chooka), White Watch Leader Michael (Dutchy), Red Watch Leader Sherri-Lee (Boats), Blue Watch Leader Ben (Stony), Engineer Greg (Rags) and Chef Chris (Polly). We are all looking forward to a great voyage and hope that the weather cooperates as we make our way across Bass Strait and onwards to Portland.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Youth Crew are accomodated in either the 12 berth forward, or in one of the two 6 berths midships. For this voyage the males have the 12 berth. There are seperate heads and washplaces for males and females and the Ship carries enough fresh water to allow all hands a daily shower. The Youth Crew take
their meals in the Cafe after having been served cafeteria style from the Galley.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Brigantine- A two-masted Ship carrying square sails from the foremast and fore-and-aft sails from the stays and the mainmast. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is a Brigantine purpose built for youth development training. Bulwarks- The sides of the Ship that rise above the upperdeck and help prevent seas from coming
inboard and people and gear from being swept overboard.

Thought of the Day: The most human thing we can do is comfort the affilicted and afflict the comfortable. Clarence Darrrow

Yours, Aye

John Cowan