After a long day yesterday, culminating with Tacking stations in the first dog watch, it was time to roll into watches over night.
After a fairly early start this morning it was time to sample one of the best sides of Young Endeavour - the food!
Voyage 14/06 commenced at 1500 alongside Dockside Marina. All Youth Crew arrived within 20 minutes of each other and at 1530 introductions were made.
Today's entry comes from Youth Crew Jen:

Ahoy my hearties!
Hi there Land Lubbers. Youth Crew member Aaron McCaskie here.

Hey there, Captain Stu the Guru reporting! I am unfortunately typeing this for the second time as whilst I am a guru of many things, computers are not one of them.

Ahoy, ye lubbers,
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Welcome to another day in the life of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Another great day in the life of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR! Here is YC David ;)

Ahoy Shipmates,

We are now sailing under a full press of canvas across Hervey Bay and making 7 knots. Awesome.

Here is What YC Erin thinks of it all so far: