24° 17' South
152° 13' East
Currently sailing under fore & aft sails and experiencing light 5-10kt SE winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
As forecast, the weather in Gladstone this morning was bright and sunny with a light south easterly breeze. Everyone was on deck at 0630 for our first Early Morning Activity (EMA), which was closely followed by a very hearty YE breakfast. Just before 0800 the YC were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise the flags and sing the National Anthem), which was followed by the first morning's comprehensive morning brief. At 0910 the lines were cast off and in ideal conditions the ship departed her berth and commenced the 12nm pilotage out of the Port of Gladstone. During this pilotage the Youth Crew turned to for their first ���Happy Hour�� (cleaning stations) followed by the normal day 2 activities of deck safety and sail handling. By 1630 we had successfully achieved our first set of tacks (put the bow through the wind) and to complete this evolution I initiated an un-alerted Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX), which besides providing valuable training for the Staff Crew it also gives the YC an appreciation for the quick responses required by all crew to quickly hand in all sail, manoeuvre the ship and recover a person from the water (in this case it was one of the ships life rings). Given the success of both these exercises and the impressive way that the YC have been working together I decided to reward them with a refreshing late afternoon swim before setting sail again and continuing our passage south. At the moment the Youth Crew are settling into their first night of watches at sea and also enjoying some well earned sleep. It is expected that everyone will be required on deck sometime throughout the night to tack ship.
Given the current weather conditions I have decided to head for the very picturesque Lady Elliot Island were we will anchor early tomorrow afternoon (great snorkelling and hopefully the chance to see some turtles and whales).

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav