16° 51' South
145° 52' East
At anchor off Cairns. Wind:Sou'East at 25 kts, Temp:26c, Cloud:8/8 in rain.
Situation at 20:00-

The command day experience was one that the Youth Crew will long remember. Working as a team, they sailed 100 nautical miles from
Dunk Island to Cairns, completing several tasks they had been assigned along the way. They did a magnificant job and showed what
determination and teamwork can achieve. At 08:30 they brought the Ship to anchor off Cairns.

At 09:00 command day came to an end when the symbol of command, the Telescope, was formally handed back to Captain John. The
forenoon activities were kept to a minimum so that the Youth Crew could catch up on some sleep after their command day experience.

After lunch the Youth Crew were divided into three groups and the Staff Crew facilitated the command day debrief process. This is
an open and frank discussion of how the experience impacted upon them and the aim is to determine if any of the lessons they may have learned can be transferred to their everyday lives. It was impressive to listen to these young Australians candidly assess their performance and look for positive lessons to take home with them.

The Ship's concert has just finished, and as usual it was a fun and entertaining event. The Youth Crew are a talented group who
produced several hilarious and imaginative acts. Overnight the Youth Crew will keep anchor watches. This will allow them to spend time with members of the other watches as well as catching up on some much needed sleep.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship is fitted with a suite of communications equipment that complies with national and
international standards. There are duplicate Very High Frequency (VHF) radios for short range communications and duplicate Medium and
High Frequency (MF/HF) radios for long range. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is also fitted with satellite communications through INMARSAT C (data) and satphone (voice) systems. The Ship's position is reported to Naval authorities in Sydney every 12 hours.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Bollard- Metal fittings on the upperdeck used to secure the Ship's berthing hawsers to. Dead Light-
Metal or wood shutters that are fitted to the scuttles (port holes) and used to prevent light from escaping.

Thought of the Day: Public opinion is a weak tryant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan