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CO's LOG Sunday 10 Jun 01

Current situation at 1800: At anchor off Gove. Temp 28C, wind sou'east at 12 knots.
Overnight the Bear teamwork exercise went well for all watches and they have learned a great deal about working together. We continued our passage north off Arnhem Land on a beam reach where the swells made a few become seasick again. In the afternoon we played heaps of deck games, such as twister, and it appears we have broken the YE record on the skipping rope.

Our radar became inoperative today so we are spending the night at anchor and getting it fixed in Gove tomorrow. At anchor this evening we had pizza night and opened the banana split bar. Just when things couldn't get any better, along came four dolphins and they frolicked off the side of the ship under our spotlights catching fish and playing dolphin games for most of the evening - it was a fantastic sight.

Youth entry by Anna Theobald age 21, Nagambie, Vic.
Voyage has been an amazing experience for all those on board. After 6 days on board the team morale is at an all time high. Blisters, sweat, tears and the odd vomit have brought us all close together. Now that we are over home, our weaknesses and fears, we now have time to sit back and fully appreciate the beauty that we are surrounded by, sitting 30m aloft with nothing but ocean, stars and wonderful sunsets. It is times like these where there is the occasional 'WOW' and can all be thankful for the fantastic opportunity we have all been given. Tonight we have anchored at Gove and are all looking forward to a day on land checking out the sights. I would like to thank the fantastic staff on board especially Sally the courageous watch leader, Paul the little but loud navigator and Karen who has filled our bellies with yummy food. Big Hello to Mum, Dad. Jane, Jessie and Sarah. Good luck with the Deb Jane will be thinking of you.

Stay tuned

Andrew Davis