41° 41' South
175° 21'
Course 130, Speed 6kts, Wind 340/15 kts, Temp 16, Partly Cloudy
Youth Crew embarked yesterday and had all onboard by 1530. Following a quick hello and introductions proceeded at 1600 and went to nearby anchorage within Wellington Harbour. Once at anchor commenced training program and got everybody climbed aloft. Training continued overnight within watches.

Early start today. We had a date. Weighed anchor at 0620 and proceeded out of Wellington Harbour. Conducted sail setting drills enroute. Entered Cook Strait in lovely conditions with gentle NW wind and smooth seas. Seasickness should not be a problem today. Sailed SE under full sail and joined the Bark Endeavour at 0900 in Palliser Bay (Palliser was one of Cook's first captains and went onto flag rank). Lowered the rib (boat) and embarked a German TV documentary team from Endeavour. Closed with Endeavour for some close sailing. We fired our cannon but found ourselves outgunned when Endeavour fired theirs (much bigger bang). Opportunity to meet with the Endeavour in Cook Strait was quite special and the two ships sailing at close quarters made a lovely sight. The master of Endeavour, Captain Chris Blake OBE, was the Delivery Voyage Captain of Young Endeavour, and I had the pleasure to sail briefly under his tutelage in 1987. It was a nice way to catch up.

This afternoon we will conduct some tacking drills and may shut down the generator and run silent.