38° 31' South
144° 41' East
Wind: SE'ly 8-12 kts. Nil swell. Passing showers
Captain Ben:

Now is the end of a long 24hrs, with Dannielle and I (Ben) in command of the Young Endeavour, who could have been so crazy. The youth crew decided the roles on rye beach while anchored, after swimming, cricket and filling up with hot chips and coke, which were dearly missed by the youth crew.

The handover of the Young Endeavour began at 1400, with several tasks to be completed both on the ship and in the town of Rye. The first task was to find our navigation waypoints which were conveniently placed at video ezy by the staff crew, then singing the Australian Nation Anthem with as many of the locals as possible, with a record of 25 thanks to the local RSL. The bar was set high with another 21 tasks to be complete , one was impossible being to beat the worlds fastest sailing record of205nm in 24hrs, so we got set to work in finishing task 22, eating all the fruit in a locker.

At 2000 it was time to set sail, being a tall and sailing ship, sailing from anchor was a challenging task and I would very much like to say we had the cooperation of the weather but this was not so, a few hours were spent trying to turn the ship in the direction of our first way point, which was reached many hours later due to the 6 knots winds
At 0200 the ship was handed over to the next commander for 12 hours, Dannielle.