Voyage name: 
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
04 Jan - 14 Jan 2019
39 02.2 S
146 27.9 E
Currently at anchor in the sheltered waters of Refuge Cove and enjoying light 5-8kt SW winds with nil swell. The temperature is 18 degrees but feels about 14.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 6 of our voyage. It has been another great day with plenty of challanging sailing in some pretty strong conditions which is what you get when you sail down here in Bass Strait. The Youth Crew have done a great job and I am really impressed with the way they are working together as a crew. Tonight we have taken shelter in the beautiful Refuge Cove and will depart early tomorrow morning and make our way west to Westernport Bay where we plan to hand the ship over to the Youth Crew for their Command Day. Enough from me please enjoy tonight's Captain's Log entry from the Youthies!!! Until Tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Day 6 – Deal Island to Refuge Cove A loud wake up for the boys this morning with an early weigh anchor (0650), then off to a refreshing PANCAKE BREAKFAST – with the wildest toppings this side of the equator; Ashly nailed the pancake flip. 10/10! As we were leaving Deal Island and heading out into the Bass Strait, Lisa, Lachy and Briar began their watch with an exhilarating dunk by the bow sprit from the freezing sea water. We have come to the conclusion that Harri will never clean the Young Endeavour with a tooth brush, no matter how well we sing "Happy, Happy, Happy Hour". We thoroughly enjoyed our grilled chicken and Beef for lunch.... surprisingly the former looked a lot like fish, but we have learned that chicken tastes good with tartare sauce.... Zac wowed us with his South American Chimmi Churri Sauce for the grilled, marinated flank steak. Some white watch members braved their first lay aloft on the yard arms, whilst the Bass Strait proved to make this task even more challenging and nerve racking. It was wilder than a Roller coaster at amusement park. All Youthies then had the opportunity to experience tacking from the bridge under guidance of Capitan Gav. We learnt about steering the bow into the wind, giving different orders for sails and the necessary wind angles. The Staffies also demonstrated the communication to the deck necessary to complete a tack from the Capitan to Sail Master, and then to the crew. The youthies were then tasked with handing-in the sails without any assistance from the staff as a mini-practice for command day (getting excited!). This task involved furling all the fore and aft sails. The youthies then had to select their own leaders and work out how to accomplish the task which was successfully pulled off! Today was loaded with tacks! We then had a great ‘Rules of the Road’ brief in the Cafe with the talented Ivanka as we approached Refuge Cove; however once we had anchored, and we had finished our ROTR brief, we came up on deck to realise the Staffies had rigged the rope swing from the course yard. To our amazement the water was only slightly chilly and was a crystalline blue colour – something you don’t often associate with Bass Strait; although this is Wilson’s Promontory! Feeling privileged to be able to swim in such a secluded and untouched cove that most will never see, we highly suggest you put this place on your bucket list. Love from the Young Endeavour Youthies. P.s TACO WEDNESDAY was off the hook. Love to the Moffetts... the Chapmans.... the Dunstones.... the Crowleys and Ping the Cat... and Muggle and Ted.
Life is not measured by how many breathes we take, but by how many moments take your breath away.