17° 57' South
146° 26' East

2100 at sea - weather overcast isolated showers, wind SE 14 knots, swell SE 0.5 metre, temperature 23 degrees, barometer 1019 hpa

Ahoy there everyone,

Welcome to day four in Young Endeavour. The ship remained at anchor overnight in the lee of Kent Island with the conducting anchor watches keeping the ship safe whilst the majority of the crew gained some valuable respite after a challenging previous period at sea.

At 0630 under an overcast sky, Sail Mistress Kristy-Lee energised all the crew with an Early Morning Activity. With breakfast, morning brief and ‘happy hour’ completed, Navigator Rick presented an intriguing lesson on the art of maritime navigation extolling the methods of fixing the ships position utilising various techniques.

Then during lunch the anchor was recovered and the ship departed Kent Island recommencing our voyage south beating against a 15 knot sou easterly with a half metre swell under plain sail. Next on the schedule was ‘rope races’ round two with each watch acquitting themselves well as confidence in the ships layout increases. En-route the ship conducted rotational tacks enabling each watch to alternate through the various positions on deck while numerous tacks and wears were executed ensuring a greater understanding of this crucial manoeuvring evolution.

The late afternoon and evening continued with further consolidation as the ship made ground southwards through isolated light precipitation. Overnight the ship will continue it’s progress as the Youth Crew continue to consolidate navigation, helming and bridge routines.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Damien