Voyage name: 
29 June - 09 July 16
23 09 S
150 56 E
Currently at anchor at Leeke's Beach Great Keppel Island and enjoying moderate SE winds with nil swell and the current temperature is 14 degrees.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 4 of our voyage. As forecast the wind did strengthen overnight which gave the Youth Crew their first taste of good sailing but also brought on some mild bouts of seasickness for a small number of the crew. By sunrise this morning we were located 13nm to the east of Great Keppel Island sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail in a moderate to strong 18-22kt south easterly. At 0745 we were located only 4nm from our planned anchorage so all sail was quickly handed in and we proceeded to anchor in the lea of Great Keppel Islands Leeke’s Beach at 0810. Once at anchor we conducted the normal morning’s activities of morning brief and cleaning stations then following lunch ferried everyone ashore so that they could enjoy a full afternoon of activities on Great Keppel Island. Early thist evening with everyone back onboard we enjoyed a teak deck BBQ which was followed by a very entertaining session of three way chats (getting to know you and communication activity). To finish the evening’s activities Evan the Navigator gave the Youth Crew a brief on how to keep the ship safe whilst at anchor and now we have settled into anchor watches overnight ensuring that everyone gets a well deserved good nights rest. Our current plan is to depart our Great Keppel anchorage tomorrow morning and given the latest forecast for favourable ESE winds we will continue our passage north. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav