Voyage name: 
V01/19 Sydney to Melbourne
04 Jan - 14 Jan 2019
35 37.1 S
150 29.8 E
The time is 2000 and we are currently located 14nm to the NE of Batemans Bay motor sailing under fore and aft sails and experiencing light 5-8kt ESE winds with a 1m SE swell. The current temperature is 20 degrees and our boat speed is 7kts.
Hi Everyone, Welcome to day three of our voyage. It has been another great day with the Youth Crew doing extemely well with all of their sail work and the development of their mariner skills but rather than me telling you about our day I will hand over to Red Watch to write the Captains Log for tonight, enjoy! Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav This morning Captain Gav granted us an amazing gift – a sleep in! Overnight the youthies were maintaining anchor watches to ensure that the ship was safe. During anchor watches only three youthies are required. We were rostered with members from other watch groups. This hour gave us a great opportunity to meet some more shipmates from different watches. Despite the drizzly start to the day, Harri had us kick off on deck with a game of "evolution" - it is like the ultimate version of rock, paper, scissors. We then enjoyed a lovely continental breakfast prepared by the awesome Chef Zac. After breakfast we got to celebrate happy hour! After scrubbing, vacuuming, and mopping the living spaces Harri was very pleased with our efforts. We then weighed anchor and practiced setting and furling the fore and aft sails whilst still in the lovely Jarvis Bay. Harri then gave us a mainsail brief and taught us the principles of Bernoulli’s effect, and likened a ship to a plane, but with one wing in the water and the other wing in the air. With this new knowledge we conducted our first set of tacking stations. We managed to tack twice and wear once. It was great to see our new knowledge being put to good use. Whilst eating some delicious chicken and smoke salmon wraps we left Jervis Bay. Whilst crossing the bar the sea got a little rougher and some shipmates were feeling a little green. This meant many of the youthies came up on deck to have their wraps in true nautical alfresco-style. Now the conditions are a little calmer and for many of our shipmates sea sickness is a distant memory! Today we participated in our first set of competitive-non-competitive Rope Races AKA "Ropies". Horto named something on the boat and one person from each watch had to locate it quickly (but not running) and call their watch name before the other watches shouted theirs. Blueys did well. Whilst sailing along the east coast of New South Wales we have sighted a number of beautiful dolphins riding the bow waves. Earlier in the day a shipmate pointed out what they thought was a dolphin. It was not. It was a very small shark swimming alongside us. We have just finished the afternoon with a traditional Sunday roast; it was definitely the best roast this side of the southern hemisphere. Thanks Zac (sorry Mum!). Unbelievable how you can pump out so much delicious food from that tiny galley! We will now commence first set of cruising watches overnight – we will let you know how we go tomorrow. We’d like to give a shout out to Gavharoy and Baha, and also Jackie and Lloyd. We love you parents!!
I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand