Voyage name: 
V16/18 Airlie Beach to Gladstone
10 Sep - 20 Sep 2018
20 15S
148 42E
Wind: SE 10 kts Weather: Fine Swell: Nil
Ahoy there fellow sailors, armchair sailors, land lubbers, friends and followers, T’was a great pleasure to meet the lovely youth crew of Voyage 16 today in Airlie Beach. They embarked at 1500 with friends and family in tow, who came to inspect the ship and the staff crew, and to farewell their loved one for the next 10 days. I told them to rest assured, we would take very good care of their young sailors, as we have a great staff crew for this voyage. Namely: Sail Master – Tug. Navigator – Jerome. BOATSO – Brad. Red Watch Leader – Morgan (Assisted by Lewis). White Watch Leader – Guv (Assisted by Ivanka). Blue Watch Leader – Blake. Chef – Zac. Engineer - Horto. On completion of the welcome and crew introductions, we farewelled family and friends and kicked off the program with ice breakers and ships' tours. The Youth Crew were then mustered at midships, where I spoke to them about what to expect over the next 10 days and ways to ensure maximum involvement in the program. Simply, to ‘get amongst it’, was the key. I then spoke about youth crew responsibilities and a few ‘guidelines’ to ensure communal harmony and unconditional positive regard for all. A very tasty dinner was next, before Tug introduced our Youthies to their individual climbing harnesses with a safety brief incl. buddy check processes and climbing demonstration. It was then time to 'lay aloft', with each watch climbing the foremast up to the topgallant. It was a fantastic effort from everyone during this activity, as each gave their all and pushed themselves to give their fears something to think about. They were then handed back to their Watch Leaders for deck safety training and the conduct of 'Full Value Contracts' (a collaborative contract that all members write and sign to ensure maximum involvement). On completing those activities, we had a group hug - we were all very proud of each others efforts and achievements - and turned in for the night... it's going to be a very busy day tomorrow. It is our intention to remain alongside overnight, departing on the high tide around 1100. The adventure has begun and a sense of palpable, excitement is in the air… I wonder where we will be tomorrow night? Good night and stay safe.
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