20° 54' South
149° 26' East
Calm, Wind Light SSE
Good Evening All!,

From the (very) early hours of this morning we have worked our way through the remaining 12 hours of \Command Day\" against a tide of increasing fatigue, tighter timeframes and endless challenges that have pushed our commitment to the limit. We have found ourselves at our physical and emotional limits, and then discovered our true potential. The experience has introduced us to some interesting home truths along the way and each of us has realised a lot about ourselves and each other.

As at 0000 hours the red watch operating under the supervision of the \"Gold\" command team (myself and Shell) awoke to find 60 bulk coal carriers stationed off Mackay and in close proximity to our 5th waypoint. After passing through this waypoint at 0100 we planned a careful route between the remaining ships at anchor and a rocky outcrop that blocked our path to the next waypoint. Luckily our \"Nav-man\" (Jezza) was on hand to plot a solution!.. Unfortunately strong currents and the \"surprising\" movement of the waypoint 3 nautical miles north prevented us from this objective.

The rest of the 12 hours was a constant battle to wear ship, but the youth crew remained resilent and came together effectively to provide the required support to reach our final waypoint. Special mention goes to Emma on the nav table and Belinda on the helm who guided us to safe harbour in the dying hours of our command day.

Highlights of the day:
-Berko (Chris) falling asleep heaving on thetopsail clewline (\"sleep sailing\")
-The ship \"deciding\" to send us to tacking stations unexpectedly.
-Chris (\"Collossal\") teaching the crew our the art of seagull whispering; and
-The post command day debrief, which allowed us to consolidate what we had learned from our new experience.

Thanks heaps Youth Crew!

Jordan \"Captain Redbeard\"