30° 19' South
15° 9' East
Sunny 22 Degrees
Ahoy me Hearties,

We came to anchor in the outer harbour at Coff's this morning at 1100, and
the place has just put the weather on for us. It is a sunny 22 degrees and
there is a light westerly blowing. Last night we had a great sail, and even
Katie is now over her seasickness. Gotta say, the girl got some coverage!

This morning we had morning brief (the story of the \figurehead\"), rope
races, a sail theory lecture, stations. After lunch we all
went ashore and played sport and then had a bit of a look at the local
town. This evening we will be having a BBQ at the Coff's Harbour yacht
club, followed by three-way talks where people form each watch get to talk
about each other as if they were that person - always entertaining.

Tomorrow we are expecting to head to sea in a strong wind warning for winds
of up to 30knots - we are really looking forward to that because the ship
performs best at those speeds. Hopefully we will trip over the border into
godzown sometime on Saturday. If the winds continue fair we should be able
to anchor off Mooloolaba on Sunday afternoon in preparation for Command Day
on Monday.

Until tomorrow, ye lubbers....

Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN