Attached is a photo of youth crew from Voyage 03/14, after we shaved or dyed our hair for the Worlds Greatest Shave. This means a whole lot to me because my mum has multiple myeloma (a form of blood cancer) and although she wasn't diagnosed at the time, looking back on it now I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to raise money for people like my mum suffering from such an awful group of cancers.

We had a whole lot of fun doing this though, including the joy of shaving a certain crew members eyebrows off. I dyed my hair a wonderful tint of dark purple, which is much more restrained than the bright red mane I've got going on currently. You'd definitely spot me at sea!

Anyway, I hope YE will continue to support the leukemia foundation by doing such a fun and rewarding activity for charity. It's a wonderful memory I have now, and one I'm sure I'll always remember.


Rachel Baier